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My favorite photography online courses

Hi friend! I hope you're doing well, welcome back!

Nobody is born knowing everything, and surely no one is born knowing how to use a camera. I surely was not.

Even if I am trying to teach you the basics and give you an idea of the photography world, the internet is full of photographers that are more knowledgeable than me. I, for one, would not be at this level if I did not invest some of my time, money, and energy in some online courses.

Some were better than others, but I tested around 30 of them... so you don't have to! I want to tell you which ones were my favorite and if they are worth your time. Of course, this list is limited to my experience and I am certain that there are other hundreds of awesome photography courses out there.

For now, these are my favorites!

Photography 1 and 2 at UCLA Extension

Price: $700 each

Experience level: Beginner to Advanced

These two courses are a bit expensive, but in my experience they were the next best things other than college. They work like a class, except that everything is completely online.

I had Craig Havens teaching me, and he was honestly such a wonderful professor. Not only he would teach you all the basics and share with you some of his first-hand knowledge, but he would also give constructive and incredibly helpful criticism for all of your projects. He always gave interesting and insightful assignments that would help you learn better all the rules learned during the course. I genuinely loved this whole course.

If you already know all the basics of photography, you can skip Photography 1 altogether and directly enroll in Photography 2.

Lost Creator Academy

Price: $600-$900

Experience level: Beginner - Amateur

Another one on the expensive side is Lost Creator Academy, or for short, LCA. It's taught by Christian LeBlanc, a Canadian travel influencers with thousands of followers both on Instagram and Youtube. I am planning to make a whole post reviewing this course, but let's summarize my opinion here. If you're a beginner, you are absolutely going to love this course. He teaches photography, cinematography, basics of Lightroom and photoshop, and even drone photography. However, if you already know a bit, you might find yourself bored of all the technical stuff.

However, he also posted different modules that go over the business side of his career, teaching his students how to pitch themselves to brand, build an online audience, etcetera.

Even if you are not already sold yet, the best part of the course is by far... the community. With the course, you have access to a Facebook group of about 3000 people that regularly post updates, questions, meetups, and much more. I found some really great friends through this, and I would absolutely recommend it. I even participated in a workshop in New York and a meetup in Valley of Fire with these folks, and it was fantastic.

They offer great discounts every once in a while, so stay on the lookout!

Photoshop CC Crash Course - StackSkills

Price: $10 to $70, depending on period, discounts, and bundles.

Experience level: Beginner to Intermediate

This course came with a really convenient bundle on StackSkills, and I found myself surprised at how simple and direct this course was. I started this course when my photoshop knowledge was limited, and it covered so much for the price it came with!

After learning all the foundations of Photoshop, you have numerous lectures about color correction, selection, layering, removal, a bit of beauty retouching, masks, menus, and even all the tools.

Honestly, this was the most well-rounded course about photoshop that I have ever tried out (and I promise, there's many).

High End retouching in Photoshop

Price: $10 to $70, depending on period, discounts, and bundles.

Experience level: Beginner to Intermediate

This course is really specific and targeted to people who work with high-end portraits and fashion shoots, but it's always nice to know how to properly retouch a face.

This instructor was extremely professional and well-spoken, and he covered all the technicalities behind a never-ending list of elements. He covers face shaping, hair retouch, frequency separation, evening out pores, lip, eye, and nails retouch, and dodge and burn.

If you're planning to work with people, especially in the fashion industry, this is an awesome course!

Directing Models for Photography - Eduardo Gómez

Price: $10 to $50, depending on period and discounts

Experience level: Beginner - Amateur

This is honestly such a useful course for any photographer that works with people. Eduardo teaches so clearly and simply, covering all parts of the body to analyze in order to pose someone else better. He teaches you everything about the face, the different shapes and looks a model can have. Then, he moves on the torso, and covers all body types while doing so. Finally he explores different types of poses from sitting to standing, both formal and informal.

Honestly, you'll be done with this course before you'll realize it. And for such an affordable price!

Fine Art Fashion Photography - by Jvdas Berra

Price: $9 to $50, depending on period and discounts

Experience level: Beginner - Advanced

This man is an artist, and it's very clear since the beginning of the course. He doesn't only teach you the fundamentals of shooting, but everything in between. He talks about light elements, mood boards, choice of human team and models, equipment, the seven planes, directing, playing with light, and even post-production.

This is not only for people who are interested in fine art photography, this is a perfect course for any photographer that wants to learn from a passionate and knowledgeable artist.

Becoming Camera-Savvy: A Workshop for Today's Filmmakers

Price: $699

Experience level: Advanced to Expert (or even Amateur if you're willing to take a lot of notes like I did, ah!)

Not about photography, but kind of. This is a cinematography course at UCLA Extension, and it's perfect for all my fellow photographers who want to get technical. This course will tell you about everything you need to know about your camera, from the inside to the outside. It's very technical, but it's incredibly helpful in understanding your camera better. I would hardly recommend this.

Introduction to Narrative Photography - Dara Scully

Price: $7 to $40, depending on period and discounts

Experience level: All levels

Oh, this course is just awesome! I am very biased because I absolutely love narrative photography, but Dara is such an amazing teacher and talented photographer. It's a very simple and quick course, built in such a unique way, and the creative insights that you can get from this are completely worth it.

Also, the price is unbeatable.

If you're into any kind of storytelling, spend an afternoon or two on this!


Aaaaaand, that is a wrap!

How do you like online courses, and have you tried any of these? If you taken other photography courses, how did you like them? I am always on the lookout for more, so let me know!

Have a great week!

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Pyerse Lex Dandridge
Pyerse Lex Dandridge
Mar 18, 2022

Thanks for this list. This will save people a lot of time looking for the right photography class.

Lele Bonz
Lele Bonz
Mar 20, 2022
Replying to

Thank you man! I truly hope so!

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