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If you licked these pics, they'd taste like new york

What's up, my friend!

I hope you had an amazing week, and it's awesome to have you back!

Today's post is gonna be way more laid back than usual. In fact, I want to show you the pictures I took last May during my New York trip!

don't mind my awkward expression, I learned later this year how to pose

As literally everyone else, I love New York, and I would probably live there for a bit if you didn't need to sell a kidney for a month worth of rent. Without a doubt, this concrete jungle is not just a wonderful city, it's also every photographer's dream.

Everywhere you turn, there is something, or someone, worth photographing. The amount of people and stories that New York contains makes it a perfect photography playground, especially for people interested in street photography, documentary photography, and architecture photography. There are thousands of places, both famous and more hidden, that are waiting for you.

Once there, picking where to go is honestly the hardest part. Should I take a scroll in Central Park, or would I rather climb the Top of the Rock? Should I go visit the art museums, or spend an afternoon in one of the characteristic neighborhoods like Little Italy, Chinatown, Soho, etcetera? The options are... literally limitless.

I went there with my hubby Ben after finding a great deal for the flight, and we had about a week to explore around. Since I am a control freak, I planned the whole trip in every detail, worried that we would miss something crucial. Our schedule was... packed, but we hit almost every must-see spot in the city, with the addition of a few hidden gems like Roosevelt Island. Saying that we waled is an understatement... but we definitely reached the suggested 10 thousands daily steps, that's for sure!

While there, we also met up with some friends, and I spent about a day with the folks in Lost Creator Academy for a content day. It was honestly so fun, and we were lucky to be there for Cinco de Mayo, which was exhilarating to be a part of.

Well, anyway, you're not here for the story, but for the pictures!

These are all of my favorite stills that I took while there, and yes, if you licked them, they'd definitely taste like NYC!

What do you think? Do these pictures scream "New York"?

Would you ever live there?

What's your favorite city? Let me know in the comments!

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